Welcome to Graceland! We are a brand new AU rp based on USA's Graceland, loosely based during season 2. If you haven't seen the show, that's fine too! We're ready and willing to get you involved regardless! We have a 350 word count. We accept canons from all current crime dramas if you can integrate them into our plotline. Please register with First Last in proper capitalization and have fun!

JULY 21 Welcome to Graceland is officially open! Please pop into the cbox and say hi or start an application!

event info coming soon

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 Site Rules
 Posted: Aug 2 2014, 02:45 PM
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001.Register your character with First Last in proper capitalization. If you mess up, notify the staff and we'll be happy to fix it for you. You have seven days from registration to post a WIP application, and seven more days to finish it. If you need an extension, ask a staff member.

002.Once you're accepted, please be sure to make an OOC (or out of character) account with your alias as the username. This will be immediately sorted into its own category. Once you've made your OOC account, please link your character account to it for better functionality - if you have trouble, a staff member will be happy to help. Making this ooc account will give you the ability to change your own topic titles, delete your own posts, and so on. This is a privilege and will be revoked if taken advantage of.

003.Our minimum word count here on Welcome to Graceland is 350. Everyone has off days and we understand that, but try to reach this as often as possible. One-liner posts will never be acceptable and repeated infractions will result in a warning. We do expect quality grammar but everyone makes mistakes. So long as your posts are understandable, we will be okay. Try utilizing a spelling and grammar checker if you have trouble.

004. In regards to activity: we have no character limit but ask that each member plays no more than THREE canon characters to keep things fair. We ask that you post at least twice a month for canon characters and at least once a month for original characters.

005.Godmodding is prohibited on Welcome to Graceland. This consists of anything from killing another's character to pressuring them to play them a certain way or saying a character that is not your own said something. If you wish to do any of these things, please obtain express permission from the other player first. If you feel you are being Godmodded, please alert an administrator.

006.Speaking of alerting administrators, if you have a problem with another member, please do not handle it yourself. We want this to be a welcoming environment, so if there is an issue please bring it to a member of staff so we can sort it out for you.

007.It can take anywhere from two to 48 hours for an application to be reviewed. If it takes longer than that, please feel free to approach a staff member VIA PM about checking it. We try our hardest to avoid any complications of that nature.

008. Do not pester others in the cbox for posts, plotter replies, etc. Mentioning it once is fine, but over and over will become a problem and could result in disciplinary actions starting with a warning and ending in a cbox or overall site ban. Other things not allowed in the cbox: links to pornographic material and advertising. Keep the cbox safe for work.

009. We are a 3/3/3 site. We deal in hard topics such as sex, drugs, murder, etc. If you're going to have these in your thread, please add Trigger Warning: Topic in your thread description so that no one who is uncomfortable with the material has to read it by accident if they're uncomfortable. While we are a mature site, we do not allow pornographic images anywhere on our boards and explicit detail in sexual threads should be kept to a minimum.

010. This is perhaps the most important rule: treat members with respect. Do not be rude, vicious, offensive, etc. If it would hurt your feelings, don't say it. Treat others how you'd like to be treated.

011.All discussions from new episodes should be kept in the Graceland Discussion board in the Out of Character section of the site. An episode is considered 'new' for three weeks after airing in the United States. The breaking of any of these rules will result in these repercussions, as listed:
    -A warning compete with detailed examples of the infraction.
    -A five day ban from either site, cbox, or both.
    -A one month ban from either site, cbox, or both.
    -Permanent removal from the site.
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