Welcome to Graceland! We are a brand new AU rp based on USA's Graceland, loosely based during season 2. If you haven't seen the show, that's fine too! We're ready and willing to get you involved regardless! We have a 350 word count. We accept canons from all current crime dramas if you can integrate them into our plotline. Please register with First Last in proper capitalization and have fun!

JULY 21 Welcome to Graceland is officially open! Please pop into the cbox and say hi or start an application!

event info coming soon

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Jenn Members 4-August 14 3
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Lucia Solano CIVILIAN 8-August 14 3
Lydia Wagner Members 9-August 14 11
Michael Bauer Members 4-August 14 0
Mike Warren FBI 3-August 14 22
Nik Admin 30-July 14 29
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Paul Briggs FBI 6-August 14 8
Remy Tango Members 16-August 14 4
Vivian Chastain Members 4-August 14 43
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