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 Briggs, Paul
Paul Briggs
 Posted: Aug 6 2014, 08:52 PM
36 years old
FBI Agent
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Paul Edward
birth date
4th March, 1978
FBI Agent
member group
In a relationship with Charlie DeMarco
Daniel Sunjata

♦ Surfing
♦ Alcohol
♦ Charlie DeMarco
♦ Graceland
♦ Sleeping
♦ Mischief
♦ Sauce Night
♦ Getting Some

♦ The FBI Rule Book
♦ His Past
♦ The Chore Wheel
♦ "Jangles"
♦ Having Mike as his boss
♦ Early wake-up calls
♦ Authority
♦ Spiders

Starting out his career as an FBI Agent as a cocky newbie because of his high scores in the academy, Paul Briggs traumatic beginning to his career humbled him out quickly and brought him into a mellow and zen state of mine. While he has a laid back outlook on life, Briggs is not an open book by any means. Tending to keep himself closed off from his emotions, he also blocks everyone else out from knowing how he feels as well. This is to protect them. If there's one thing Briggs believes with everything he is it's that his demons are his to fight, not to pass along to others.

Rules are simply suggestions to Briggs and more often than not they are suggestions that he does not take. Bending them more often than fully breaking them, Briggs does not hesitate to corrupt the straight laced ideas of Mike Warren when he came to Graceland. He is rather pleased to know that he is not alone in this train of thought since the majority of the Graceland agents bend and break the rules more often than not.

While Briggs has no problem doing what needs to be done to keep the people he cares about safe, he often encounters the problem of guilt, even though it doesn't rear its head until months later. While doing his side job as Odin Rossi, Briggs was able to keep the guilt from coming on, suppressing the thoughts of what he was doing. After he stopped, however, the guilt flooded in, exacerbated by the fact that he couldn't tell Charlie, the one person in the world he would do absolutely anything for. Keeping the information inside of him makes him, at times, irritable and stand offish but he knows he must do this to keep her safe and therefore learns to cope.

A determined man, Paul Briggs is not one to shy away from doing anything to achieve his goal. Striving to be the best and the brightest, Briggs prides himself in his performance and the fact that he always get the target in the end (even if things don't go according to plan in the process). His ego is inflated but has deflated to a point where he has the ability to be humble when he wants to be. He knows that he is a good agent and is rather critical of everyone else until he learns them and how they work, forming his final opinion once he knows everything. This is why he butts heads so often with Mike. He thought he had the man figured out when it turns out he barely knew him at all.

The want to be in the FBI hit Briggs when he was a senior in high school. Never before had he thought that he would do anything in law enforcement but after career day came and passed as it did in every high school. But something about the little table, and astonishingly little information that could be given, peaked the mans interest and the same day he graduated he applied for the academy.

Once accepted, Briggs threw himself into the work, determined to show absolutely everyone he could that he deserved to be there. Growing up in a single parent household, his mother raising him after his father left when he was ten, he wanted to prove that just because one man gave up on him, that didn't mean he was a lost cause. So he pushed himself as hard as he could, determined to make his mother and professors proud of him.

Succeeding in his efforts and graduating top of his class, Briggs left the academy with an ego that surpassed him and a cocky attitude that made even the most calm agents want to punch him in the face to knock him down a few pegs. Brought down one or two pegs by the simple fact that everyone at "The Estate" seemed to shy away from him when he was too full of himself, Briggs became more humble in his attitude, allowing himself to learn more from the people around him and even to develop a relationship with fellow agent, Lisa, who continued to make the on the go machine of a man act more human.

All this came to a crashing halt when Briggs was taken by the Caza cartel and held for information, being tortured with injections of heroin administered by "Jangles". After continuous injections, Briggs formed an addiction that he could not handle and when the heroin stopped coming, Briggs started talking, giving away who the rat was in the cartel, since it was his fellow agent and mentor, who had been working undercover and had entrusted Briggs to help him. The information lead to his release and to the arson that not only burned The Estate to the ground but also killed the agents who lived there, including Brigg's love. After this happened Briggs lost control of his life, falling away from the FBI for years as he attempted to deal with a heroin addiction and shattered life.

Eventually finding his way back to life as an Agent, Briggs was assigned to Graceland, a drug house that was taken by the FBI and turned into a house for undercover agents. Staying distant from the other agents he worked and lived with, Briggs began a side business. Taking it upon himself to work the drug cases with the DEA agents in the house, Briggs would dip into the heroin supply that they confiscated after every bust, selling it for his own private gain and getting a name for himself among the drug community. Earning the alias Odin Rossi, Briggs escaped capture and identification by law enforcement. But he brought suspicion upon himself when the FBI became concerned about the amount of heroin they were bringing in, realizing that the amounts were always lower than they should be.

For this reason, Mike Warren was sent in to investigate Briggs and while the older man figured this may be the case, it did not make him act too differently. Revealing his identity while on a case and attempting to make ties with the notorious Bello, Briggs realized that he would have to drop the facade in order to keep his name and Graceland safe. But before he was able to do so, Charlie DeMarco began to suspect him, teaming up with whom she believed to be a Mexican federale who was actually the "Jangles" from Briggs' past.

Upon realizing that "Jangles" was working with Charlie, Briggs realized he had to do everything in his power to protect her from harm. This state of mind lead to him accidentally killing a fellow FBI agent whom he believed to be "Jangles" and hiding his body to keep his name clear, though later on he would realize that he would have to do more since the tape of him killing the agent was still circulating. Mind focused on the task at hand, Briggs managed to find Charlie and keep her from immediate danger momentarily before they were both subdued by "Jangles" and locked in a room where they waited to die.

Saved by Mike, Briggs had to think fast in order to keep his name clean so that the FBI would no longer suspect him to be Odin Rossi and would not think he had been responsible for the death of the agent.Slipping the dead agents key onto "Jangles" key ring cleared his name on one count and sending away a drug addict to raise suspicion that he had been Odin to clear his name completely. These actions left him with guilt, brought on harder by the fact that he could not tell Charlie, with whom he had become romantically involved.
© darren criss
 Posted: Aug 7 2014, 01:20 AM
Unbounded I'm like water but so fragile in the cold.
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