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Posted by: Lucia Solano Aug 9 2014, 01:10 AM
lucia solano
Don't wait til I do wrong. Don't wait til I put up a fight.
Lucia is a bit of a bitch, but only if you rub her the wrong way. She's learned through a lot of trial and error that the only way to get respect around the people she hangs out with is to be hard, to be violent, and frankly? To be a little bit scary. She wants to be nicer but she's so used to being used and having to use her body to get her way. Deep down she does give a shit about other people, but she does put herself first and foremost.

Lucia isn't going to have many friends. Mostly people who work for her brother will fall into this category, but she does keep some friends outside of Carlito - she has to, for her sanity. Other women who are with men involved in this mess would be a good place to start, and maybe some guys she doesn't have to sleep with to get respect out of.

Lovers will be more prevalent, because Lucia uses her body to get her way. If she needs something out of you, she's going to get it in the easiest way possible. She may end up in something long-term eventually, once she's out of Carlito's grasp, but for now it's all just flings and guys she sets him up with, maybe a date or two in the middle of it.

As for enemies, anyone that is a threat to her, her brother, or her family. Her father told her to keep Carlito safe, and that's what she's going to do. She may not be involved in the crime, but she is willing to take you down if she has to. Anyone associated with the government is a problem here.

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