Welcome to Graceland! We are a brand new AU rp based on USA's Graceland, loosely based during season 2. If you haven't seen the show, that's fine too! We're ready and willing to get you involved regardless! We have a 350 word count. We accept canons from all current crime dramas if you can integrate them into our plotline. Please register with First Last in proper capitalization and have fun!

JULY 21 Welcome to Graceland is officially open! Please pop into the cbox and say hi or start an application!

event info coming soon

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 Frequently Asked Questions
 Posted: Aug 7 2014, 12:14 AM
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WHAT'S CANON AND WHAT IS AU? We are canon through the first episode of the second season. Past events, characters histories, and similar topics will remain unchanged. Any relationships in play at the start of the second season will also remain unchanged, until the players decide to alter them at a later point.

WHAT IF I HAVEN'T SEEN THE SHOW? That's fine, too! Some of our members aren't up to date and others are. Because of the new storyline that started in season two, the only ones who need be concerned with the ins and outs of past canonical events are those playing canons. Will it help to understand some of the characters if you've seen the show? Maybe, but our goal here is to be a welcome environment for everyone and to maybe earn the show a few new fans.

WHERE CAN I WATCH THE SHOW? There are several up to date masterlists on tumblr. If you ask nicely, our staff may point you towards one.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT DIVERSE FACECLAIMS? Southern California is a huge melting pot and tourist attraction, and is in close proximity to Mexico. Government agencies are diverse fields.We love and encourage diversity in your face claims but do not discriminate against white faces. Everyone is welcome here. In fact, we have a whole list of possible options from various different backgrounds. You can find that HERE!

WHAT IF MY CHARACTER IS BI/PAN/ACE? We accept characters of all genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, etc. No one will be cast aside here.

CAN MY AGENT LIVE AT GRACELAND? At this time, no. Only canons will be residing in Graceland due to a limited number of rooms available in the house. If a spot in Graceland opens up, any new member of the house will be chosen fairly in a currently undecided fashion.

CAN MY CHARACTER BE A BIG TIME CRIME LEADER? Are you looking to play a canon? If your character is an OC, at this time we request they remain relatively low-key. Gang leaders or drug dealers are fine, but heads of cartels and crime families are not. Major criminal roles WILL BE OPENED as events progress. Please speak with staff for any further inquiries on this subject.

CAN MY CHARACTER BE RELATED TO/HAVE A PAST RELATIONSHIP WITH CANON-XYZ? Unless the relationship is canonical, the answer is no. We will not be accepting immediate family to the canons under any circumstance. If the canon is taken and you want to play a distant relative (cousin or something similar), please gain the approval of that character's player and the staff first. As for relationships and friendships, your best bet is to apply as someone with no past or present canon love interest first and formulate a relationship with that character after your acceptance.

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